Coffey Northumbrian Ltd. was established in 2013 to deliver the €50m Irish Water Domestic Water metering Programme in the North East of Ireland. Throughout this contract, the Coffey Northumbrian team worked with Irish Water to develop and implement innovative solutions using tried and tested technology to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality were achieved. The industry-leading systems developed and the standards set by Coffey Northumbrian Ltd. on the Domestic Water Metering programme were adopted by IW and rolled out nationally across the whole metering programme.

In 2014 the Directors of Coffey Northumbrian Ltd. recognised the unique blend of experience, skill and synergies of the Joint Venture and developed a strategy to grow Coffey Northumbrian Ltd. into a specialist Design, Build and Operate contractor of water and wastewater infrastructure throughout Ireland and Britain.

Today Coffey Northumbrian Ltd. is responsible for the Irish Water Leak Reduction Programme across 30% of the Irish Water network in the South East and South West of Ireland, as well as undertaking all new connections to the water and sewerage network in the Midlands. In addition, Coffey Northumbrian Ltd. is designing, constructing and operating wastewater treatment plants in the North West of Ireland.